Final marathon
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marathon —

last chance
to get the knowledge
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Find your mission
and start earning
from RUB 100 000
per month

this course

Is for you


You are stuck at one level

and want to increase your income and live an interesting and exciting life

Do you
want to earn

Provide travels, expensive gifts and the best education for you and your family.

You begin from scratch

and want to find your dream work to start earning by doing what you love

You have already achieved
good results, however you

would like to earn more while working less to spend more time on yourself and your family.



to your independency


1 module

Areas of life

what areas of life are there and how to prioritize

current situation analysis (point A)

perception of the desired result (point B)

how to achieve results in several areas and not to burn out

The result of the module: You need to correctly define your point A (where you are now) and the desired point B for all your life areas Answer this question "What do I really want?" and prepare the ground for it to appear in your life.


2 module

First step towards result: Exciting goals

the proprietary methodology of setting goals from Lera and Artem Chekalin - 10 important points

"Attribute" method, intended to help you to activate the brain for new achievements

"Dream Fulfillment" method for strengthening the goal

setting the main money goal for a marathon

The result of the module: You will learn about the effective techniques for setting and achieving goals from Lera and Artem and will formulate the main goal for the marathon.

3 module

Secret methods of getting rid of fears and doubts - 5 techniques that work

defining the fears and attitudes preventing you from achieving new financial goals

5 methods by Lerchek on how to

get a state of confidence and get rid of laziness, apathy and fears

method of making important decisions

The result of the module: Get rid of many limiting fears, believe in yourself, and learn how to make important decisions using simple techniques.

4 module


step-by-step algorithm:

how to find your mission

plan of unpacking your talents

your assets - you will learn

what you can make money from if starting tomorrow

finance drain points - how much money are you losing and how to avoid it

The result of the module: Take the first steps in disclosing your mission, determine your assets and calculate how much money you can earn using them in a right way right now
BONUS: steps towards identity unpacking


5 module

Business selection - part 1

5 practical ways to test a niche and choose the business you want to do

A step-by-step plan on how to find those to whom to sell (choosing the target audience)

Bonus: 200+ of popular niches in 2021

Sample: 10 questions for precise determination of your target audience

5 module

Business selection - part 2

step-by-step algorithms:

earnings on goods + (checklist where to find suppliers NEW)

earnings on services

earnings on knowledge

how to choose the most effective earning pattern

The result of the module: Choose and test 1-2 dream businesses bringing you earnings right during the course.

BONUS: check list: 25 ways to earn on your knowledge
Should we add the types of goods and services here? Wouldn't it be the same as niches?

6 module

First earnings

how to develop and test the earnings patterns

how to monetize your skills and abilities

bonus: more than 50 patterns to have proved seccussful for previous groups

The result of the module: Learn how to test and develop earnings patterns and maybe EVEN earn your first money

7 module

Environment as a tool for customer discovery

7 ways to find and develop an environment bringing you to the next level

How to properly establish business connections

The result of the module: Get to know new interesting people who would support you and help you grow. Find out how to use networking for sales and earning money

8 module

Don't be intimidated by competitors and stay one step ahead

why having competitors is cool?

5 quick ways to find competitors

how to properly analyze competitors and stay one step ahead

The result of the module: Find out how to stand out from the competition and discover the secret of the way the proper competitor analysis can turn into your greatest advantage.

Route map —

implementation of the tools into real life

9 module

Module 9: Lerchek's secrets for organizing a visual side of your Instagram so that it attracts customers - part 1

tips on how to create a visualization of your account to be an effective marketing tool

14 methods to create interesting stories every day

Top-10 Lerchek's tips to promote an account with no investments (free methods)

review of the Instagram account promotion methods requiring payments

9 module

Module 9: Instagram - part 2

3 steps for effective blogger advertising (technical task for advertising, statistics analysis and price)

hot to customize targeting to make x10

The result of the module: Create an attractive Instagram with no investments, find out how to promote it effectively to receive orders and clients

10 module

native sells secrets: How to sell without selling

10 rules to create a line and sell without selling

triggers and pains. How to identify them?

How to integrate ads into your everyday Instagram content

The result of the module: You will learn specific rules and techniques on how to present your product / service / knowledge so that everyone wants to buy it

11 module

Clients search techniques

complete review of the 25 clients search techniques

how to create a product business from scratch at marketplaces

how to stir up a TikTok from scratch and get clients from there

who can earn in Clubhouse in 2021 and how?

The result of the module: Learn more than 25 ways to find customers and understand how to make sure of always having a queue of people who want to buy from you

12 module

A formula to increase your income in a short period of time

a formula on creating unique offers

examples of promotions and special offers to triple profit

methods of increasing the average check

anti-examples of promotions that did not work for us

The result of the module: Create a unique offer for clients and learn how to predictably increase your earnings by several times

13 module

Technology of drawing up an action plan: how to maintain and increase the result after training

How to set a goal for the next month

how to create a step-by-step further development plan

The result of the module: finish the marathon not only with exciting results, but with a defined plan for the near future.


for the plan
with the feedback

14 module

Gathering your Dream Team

how to delegate and find the free time for rest

how to find your first employees

The result of the module: learn how to correctly distribute the load: at the lowest expenditures, you achieve maximum results and find time for rest

Find out when and why you need to hire your first employee and where to look for them. You would be able to gather an effective team and work two times less

15 module


A strategy on progressive growing withing a year in a perspective

effective upscaling ways from Chekalins

The result of the module: You have the knowledge on the way to develop your business so that it brings you income of more than 100,000 per month

for all the plans

(recorded together with expert
number 1 on taxes)

Lesson 1

Peculiarities on registering as the individual entrepreneur for bloggers

Lesson 2

Types of taxation: how to select the most profitable and optimal one

The results of the bonus lessons:

You understand how to correctly arrange everything legally, and what form of taxation is suitable for you.

for all the plans

How not to do things half-way and always achieve your desired goals

The result of the live stream:

you will understand what to do if you lack enthusiasm сил и научитесь and will learn self-motivation, and find the source of your personal energy.


in telegram

We willguide you
step by step


A plan



13 learning modules

3 months access to the educational platform

private chat for the participants with an advisor

samples and check-lists

live stream with a psychologist

exclusive information
from Lera and Artem

team work (if preferred)

care service support

2 additional modules:
Building a dream team
and Scaling

Certification of the established
sample from the training center
with state license

Feedback from the curator in the chat

Homework check

Recordings of broadcasts from the closed club DM

Chats by city

The price if paying
at the online-bachelorette event is:




With the
feedback included

13 learning modules

6 months access to the educational platform

private chat for the participants with an advisor

samples and check-lists

live stream with a psychologist

exclusive information
from Lera and Artem

team work (if preferred)

care service support


2 additional modules:
Gathering a Dream Team
and Upscaling

Certificate of the training center
(State education)

Homework check

Recordings of broadcasts from the closed club DM

Chats by city


«Certification of the established sample, subject to the completion of tasks and the final test.

The price if paying
at the online-bachelorette event is:





of the previous marathons' participants



RUB 245 600


Point А:

RUB 70 000 for organizing festive shows


Point B:

earned RUB 245,600 with the festive shows planning agency.

They have been studying together with her husband, and have expanded as a result and opened an agency. Now, I am not afraid of setting the goals and achieving them!



RUB 452 500


Point А:

Profit from the wooden dishware workshop up to RUN 60,000 per month


Point B:

earned RUB 452,500, began to showcase the products at the local fairs.

Has launched a targeted advertising and began to involve her audience online 💛 The result is obvious: an income increased by 7.5 times.



RUB 350 000


Point А:

opened her private skin care salon - RUB 113,000


Point B:

income of RUB 350,000, began to sell beauty products.

I still can't believe it, the availability of money proves it all 😱 I also started developing a travel business! All by myself!



RUB 750 000


Point А:

RUB 200 000

Я I used to work as a simple janitress. By the end of the shift, I would simply be dropping with fatigue!


Point B:

RUB 750 000, I believed in myself.

I started the Cleaning Academy. I got inspired by Lerchek, fought my fears, and began teaching others about business.



RUB 750 392


Point А:

RUB 250 000

I was stuck. I wasn't able to achieve a higher financial stage within six months.


Point B:

RUB 750 392 - profit of a mom in maternity leave with 5 children.

I've always dreamt of knitting! Lerchek inspired me to start earning by doing what I love. I have tripled my income!



RUB 153 400


Point А:

RUB 0 during maternity leave


Point B:

earned RUB 153,400

I have worked through my fears and dared to open a dance studio.



more than RUB 500 000


Point А:

income from RUB 100 000 to RUB 150 000 per month (60 000 through employment, the rest - through children's parties)


Point B:

earned RUB 518 599

Have received a salary raise and a bonus. I have discovered the new income sources. I also finally realized what I want to be doing in life.

Ira Gut


almost RUB 400 000


Point А:

writing poems on a by-order basis + consultations on numerology - RUB 127,000

I was a member of the marathons for two times now. I have earned 100,000 during the previous marathon and my brain got scared. It's not used to have a total package. I had no idea what to do.


Point B:

film script + personal training course in numerology + expansion consultations' types + increase of pay check to RUB 394 000

I have deliberately joined the second one. I worked through the fear of money, achieved a higher financial stage. My income increased by almost four times.



RUB 93 572


Point А:

RUB 28,000 (maternity allowance + occasional part-time work at events


Point B:

earned RUB 93,572 for consultations and events.

I overcame my fear of selling, decided to organize my own event and start consulting. I have my schedule planned a month in advance!

still have


Yes, absolutely: besides the fact that we have rewritten and supplemented absolutely all lessons, new modules will appear in this course — on all areas of life. And, of course, a new network awaits you, which means new useful contacts and partnerships. You simply can't miss it.

You are exactly where you need to be: the marathon is to help you to identify the most interesting and profitable areas of activity exactly for you, so as not only to start earning, but also to do it with great pleasure and motivation.

We know exactly how to help you achieve results. You will be added to the chats of like-minded people, and the curators will help with organizational questions and completing assignments.

The course starts on October 25, access to the chat will come on October 21 to the mail that was indicated when paying.


you are not
worth it

Money loves
decisive action

Begin now,
within a year you will where you have always dreamt to be